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Dalrymple Hotel was established in 1875 as the Oyster Bay Hotel, Jetty Hotel in 1880 and the Dalrymple Hotel in 1955.With the evolution of the hotel till date we are National Trust listed. The Dalrymple Hotel,is remarkably a beautiful place for overlooking Oyster Bay which provides pub food, cold beer and a great selection of south Australian wines.

Stansbury was originally known as Oyster Bay because of the region's reputation as a place where the best oyster beds in South Australia could be found. Governor Musgrave renamed the town 'Stansbury' after a mysterious 'Mr Stansbury' who was a friend of his. The Oyster Bay Hotel was completed in 1875 and the District Council was established in 1877 and the first Stansbury jetty, which was over 300 metres long, was constructed that same year at the cost of £3,750.

The town grew up as a ketch port. The grain from the surrounding area was brought to the port where it was loaded on ketches and shipped across Gulf St Vincent to be loaded on the larger ships at Port Adelaide.

Today the town operates as a service centre for the surrounding farmers but its primary focus is on tourism. It has a charm which is quite distinctive and it attracts holidaymakers from Adelaide who want to escape from the city.

Kids Menu

  • Butterfish

  • Chicken nuggets

  • Mini hot dogs

  • Crumbed calamari

  • Beef schnitzel & gravy

  • Chicken schnitzel & gravy

  • Nut sundae

Dalrymple Hotel

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  • Butterfish

  • Salt & pepper squid

  • Beef schnitzel

  • Chicken schnitzel

  • Crumbed prawns

  • StansBurger

  • Thai chicken salad



Rob & Georgie Rankine owners/managers
PO Box 52 Stansbury 5582
Phone: (08) 8852 4202
(08) 88524029
Fax: (08) 8852 4188
Email: robrankine@hotmail.com